Re: Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S.

From: Matthew Moyle-Croft (no email)
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 21:34:41 EDT

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    On 15/09/2008, at 10:46 AM, Jean-François Mezei wrote:

    > Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
    >> Most Asian providers (at least Northern Asia) use USA, Atlantic
    >> path to
    >> get to Europe. The capacity going Westt isn't that high in
    >> comparision,
    >> so the extra latency hit is well offset by the much reduced cost.
    > I take it voice would have priority for use of the existing europe-
    > asian
    > links ?

    Probably - voice is pretty small in the scheme of things (my estimate
    is less than 1% of used capacity out of Australia (used not lit)).
    But, from Australia to Europe the difference in latency East vs West
    may not make a LOT of difference to voice where 150ms-200ms one way
    isn't too bad.

    > When there were a number of cable cuts in middle east last year, I
    > remember BBC mentioning that internet access to asia was much slowed
    > due
    > (this was significant to those companies who had outsourced a lot of
    > stuff from europe to India). I guess this would have been more of
    > media
    > hype than reality ?

    I suspect it did slow it down - I was talking more Northern Asia
    (China, Japan, Korea) than India.

    Companies who relied on purchasing, corporate links between India and
    Europe (for example) would probably be happy to pay the premium for
    low latency path direct, whereas IP transit providers want cheap, bulk
    capacity that the Northern Pacific routers offer.
    >> For instance, out of Australia we have a single, old cable going West
    >> out of Perth to Singapore (SEA-ME-WE3) which allows only low speed
    >> circuits,
    > Was there any thought about building cables to singapore from darwin
    > now
    > that it has had fibre links to the rest of australia for over a
    > decade ?

    Ha! Darwin has the incumbent only. It's cheaper to go around the
    world than from Australia to Darwin.

    Perth will be the place again as there is a reasonable amount of trans-
    Australian capacity across the Nullabour. Although a Darwin break
    out from such a cable would be welcome, but the small population in
    the Northern Territory maybe doesn't make it viable unless a big
    mining /oil drilling/gas firm wants a lot of capacity.

    Hopefully the extension of the Singapore->Indonesia cable Matrix have/
    are building to Perth will happen in 2010/11.

    Although, personally, I'd love to see a Perth-Chennai cable given
    what's going on in India.


    Matthew Moyle-Croft Internode/Agile Peering and Core Networks

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