Re: cooling door

From: Brian Dickson (no email)
Date: Sun Mar 30 2008 - 13:22:31 EDT

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    Paul Vixie wrote:
    > if you find me 300Ksqft along the caltrain fiber corridor in the peninsula
    > where i can get 10mW of power and have enough land around it for 10mW worth
    > of genset, and the price per sqft is low enough that i can charge by the
    > watt and floor space be damned and still come out even or ahead, then please
    > do send me the address.

    Well, there are alternatives to the 10mW power and 10mW genset...
    10-20mW (or more) of nuclear power/gensets.

    Get off the grid, sell back some power to the grid, reduce your costs
    for power, especially peak rate power,
    and be able to brag about having your own nuke plant.

    This may give you more flexibility in finding the space along the fibre

    BTW, I did some quick googling and found a few interesting links related
    to smaller nuclear generator systems:'s_Micro_Nuclear_Reactor

    And if you have access to a deep harbor:



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