Re: Spain was offline

From: Martin Hannigan (no email)
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 15:07:36 EDT

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    At 02:36 PM 9/1/2006, Joe Abley wrote:

    >On 1-Sep-2006, at 13:47, Martin Hannigan wrote:
    >>I can't get a TLD zone?
    >*You* can do anything, Marty! You are the man! :-)

    Well, let's rephrase that. Anyone can't get a TLD zone?
    And no, you are the man. :)

    >>But back to the root servers. Are you
    >>agreering with me that if I announce F and I root's netblocks
    >>inside of my own network that everyone would be ok with that?
    >I'm not involved with policy at ISC or RIPE, but I would expect that
    >if someone hijacked their netblocks they would have something to say
    >about it.
    >>C'mon Joe, straight answer on that one. :)
    >That's as straight as it gets :-)

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

    What could F or I do if an operator were advertising
    those blocks internally? Consider them no different than
    blackholes. It's the same concept.

    The point is that there's little reason to believe that
    this couldn't be done by any operator or other entity
    (OpenDNS?) technically, legally and legitimately.

    [ Note: F and I are just the simple examples. ]

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