Re: BGP, MED, Confederation presentation

From: Stephen J. Wilcox (no email)
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 16:48:05 EST

$ cat nanog-archive | grep -vE "clueful contact|research product|pMTU|RFC1918"

sorry.. cant find anything..!


> There was a link posted to this list about six months ago, of a presentation
> that showed how to use additive MEDs to set up traffic flows correctly
> between sites (where each site is it's own BGP confederation) and showing
> animation of the resulting (example) traffic flows. I remember that the
> technique it described was well regarded and that it was reasonably unqiue.
> Sorry for the vague description, but my web searches and trawls through the
> nanog archives have drawn a blank. I'm hoping that someone here knows what
> I'm talking about :)
> Sam

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