Re: Need some info on network management

From: Savitha Kumar (no email)
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 05:06:44 EST

Thanks! What are the capabilities that are looked for,
in a NMS for Internet??

 --- Sean Donelan <> wrote: > On Tue,
10 Feb 2004, [iso-8859-1] Savitha Kumar
> wrote:
> > them, accounting management which is one of the
> > functionality is not supported on any of the
> NMS's.
> I think you have your networking models confused.
> FCAPS is part of the ITU model for TMN-layers. You
> need to look at ITU networks, such as the telephone
> network, which extensively collects accounting data.
> Trying to apply ITU network models to the Internet
> will just make your head hurt.
> > So I thought it would make sense if I contact a
> > network operations group regarding this. Can you
> > please throw some light on the following -
> > 1. Why is "accounting" not part of most of the
> NMS's?
> > 2. What do service providers use for billing
> their
> > customers?
> Because most Internet providers have a different
> billing
> model. In the Internet, accounting is usually part
> of AAA systems not NMS systems.
> Of course, on the Internet NMS systems are not the
> same
> thing as NMS in the ITU model either. I'm not
> arguing one
> model is better than the other, but its a bad idea
> to
> try to apply the wrong model to the wrong network.

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