question on ptr rr

From: (no name) (no email)
Date: Sat Feb 07 2004 - 06:25:39 EST

this may be deemed off topic - if so apologies in advance. however i respect many of the opinions i see here so thought i would take a chance and ask.

we are a stub network, injesting about 30k emails daily. about a year ago we implemented a spam filtering product. it works well. recently we turned on the knob to enable it to do reverse lookups. only the mild version, a reverse is made on the ptr rr for the ip address sending the email. if it fails the spam filter issues a 421 and closes the connection. unfortunately, we have 6 sites thus far that are legitimately trying to communicate with us but don't have ptr's associated with the ip address sending emails. since it obviously isn't a requirement to have one is it generally accepted to do so? any sense for how many end networks do and don't?

thanks in advance.

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