Re: Unbelievable Spam.

From: Paul Vixie (no email)
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 16:42:03 EST

 ("Ejay Hire") writes:

> It's just wrong in my opinion, and exacerbated by the fact
> that it was spammend to our abuse account. Their /24 just
> fell off of my piece of the internet. Have I just been
> blind to this all along, or are the spammers getting bolder?

the spammers have nothing to fear from you, or us, or me, or anybody. with
the incredible number of bottomfeeders and antivirus companies polluting the
econsystem with their own various get-rich-quick schemes, there's no way to
tell the difference between good and bad traffic, good and bad intent, good
and bad providers, etc. the spam/antispam battleground is all just mud now.

Paul Vixie

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