Change to .com/.net behavior

From: Matt Larson (no email)
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 19:24:29 EDT

Today VeriSign is adding a wildcard A record to the .com and .net
zones. The wildcard record in the .net zone was activated from
10:45AM EDT to 13:30PM EDT. The wildcard record in the .com zone is
being added now. We have prepared a white paper describing VeriSign's
wildcard implementation, which is available here:

By way of background, over the course of last year, VeriSign has been
engaged in various aspects of web navigation work and study. These
activities were prompted by analysis of the IAB's recommendations
regarding IDN navigation and discussions within the Council of
European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) prompted by DNS
wildcard testing in the .biz and .us top-level domains. Understanding
that some registries have already implemented wildcards and that
others may in the future, we believe that it would be helpful to have
a set of guidelines for registries and would like to make them
publicly available for that purpose. Accordingly, we drafted a white
paper describing guidelines for the use of DNS wildcards in top-level
domain zones. This document, which may be of interest to the NANOG
community, is available here:


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