Re: ISPs are asked to block yet another port

From: Paul Vixie (no email)
Date: Tue Jun 24 2003 - 04:04:23 EDT

> > Security is a lifestyle.
> People laugh when I say this, do they laugh when you say it?

you have to turn it around, "insecurity is a lifestyle", before people
will skip the polite (because they think you're joking and it isn't
funny) or nervous (because they think you're paranoid) laughter.

lately i've been thinking about trust and privacy and confidence, and
it's really icky how the more digital communications tools we get the
less right to control our information experience we have. e-mail is
among several things which hasn't further liberated any individuals but
which quite a few large companies consider a great boon -- precisely
because they can shift costs down into the noise level and stop
considering the desireability or usefulness of their outbound messaging.
but it's not just e-mail, it's on my phone and on my fax machine and
on my SMS PDA and oh what a mess.

trustlessness is a lifestyle.

Paul Vixie

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