AS-701 multihop BGP peering session?

From: Jeffrey Haas (no email)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 10:25:14 EDT

I hate using NANOG as a NOC of last resort, but it looks like this is
my best option.

We recently migrated our IP connectivity to UU-Net/MCI/whatever you
want to call them these days. I've migrated the majority of our
BGP topology collection feeds to the new IP space (anyone want to give
us your routes?) and decided that now we're a UU-Net customer, I'd
try to get a feed from UU-Net.

Apparently they only want to feed our border router, not the
route collection host.

If anyone has any suggestions on who to deal with at UU-Net that might
have a little more clue on this type of situation, it would be appreciated.

Jeff Haas 
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