State Super-DMCA Too True

From: William Allen Simpson (no email)
Date: Sat Mar 29 2003 - 15:53:32 EST

Declan McCullagh sent out an email 7:56 am EST this morning,
referencing his full report at:

I was shocked to see that Michigan has *already* passed such a law!
(Also Virginia, Delaware, and Illinois.)

I've found the new law(s), and they basically outlaw my living in
Michigan starting March 31st (this Monday, two days from now):

The Bill analysis basically quotes the MPAA website!

It outlaws all encryption, and all remailers.

It outlaws connecting any device "without the express authority of the
telecommunications service provider". No NATs. No wireless.

(Some DSL/cable companies try to charge per machine, and record the
machine address of the devices connected.)

It outlaws configuring your ISDN to be a voice device, and then sending
data over the device.

(Most folks around here are willing to settle for 56Kbps + 56Kbps --
fixed fee -- instead of 64Kbps + 64Kbps -- per minute.)

It outlaws configuring a wire pair purchased as a burglar alarm circuit,
and then using it as DSL.

It outlaws using Linux/*BSD for reading DVDs and a host of other things.

Also, "reprogramming" a device (and software and computer chips are
explicitly included) "that is capable of facilitating the interception,
transmission, retransmission, decryption, acquisition, or reception of
any telecommunications, transmissions, signals, or services" would seem
to prohibit mod'ing of M$ Xboxen.

Heck, it is possible to read this Act to prohibit changing your
operating system from M$ to Linux.

This was passed in a lame duck session (December 11, 2002) as part of
a big omnibus crime act that covered everything from "adulteration of
butter and cream", to "trick or acrobatic flying" to "false weights and
measures", mostly increasing fines and/or jail for existing offenses.
Michigan is a leader in overcrowding its prisons.

There was other lame duck legislation passed, before a new Governor
took office, almost all of it bad for civil liberties!

William Allen Simpson
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