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Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 19:12:51 EDT

This is copy of the message sent to IETF mail list. As subject said,
I'd like to organize IETF working group to define new additions to SMTP.

As everyone I'm sure have seen on the last "why is spam a problem" and
other similar threads on ietf as well as numerous similar threads on
other lists and boards, there is a serious need to do something to limit
amount of unsolicited email. While the roots maybe social issue I do not
see why we can not work on it from technical point of view. In addition
to that during last years, I'v seen real need for new features to be
added into SMTP, such as ones for callback, delayed transmission, delivery
notification,secure communications, etc, etc and there are in fact
several drafts available on some issues. As far as anti-spam mechanisms I
do not belive we should force some particular method on everyone but
rather built several verification features into protocol and allow server
operators to themselve choose if they want to use it. Where the features
were use the email would be considered more secure and users can use that
to sort out mail (as many do already with special filters).

I believe its time we start working within IETF on new version of SMTP
that would have more features and be more secure. I'v tried to point this
out several times before on nanog and ietf hoping that someone would take
the initiave but as this did not happen, I'm willing to do it now. At this
point I'm proposing creation of IETF working group that would look into
ways to extend SMTP. I'v created website and mailing list to discuss
charter of the proposed working group at

Those who agree with me, please subscribe to the mailing list and lets
work on this futher in a kind-of BOF. I'm also looking for two co-chairs
for the working group with at least one preferablly having been chair of
ietf group before. I'm planning on sending final draft for working group
charter in about two weeks time and right now I'm going to be contacting
several people who have expressed interest in working on SMTP protocol as
well as contacting IETF area director on proceeding with this.

William Leibzon

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