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Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 15:08:22 EDT

I think that getting caught is a good indication that they take the security
of the facility seriously. Some places will ban you forever if you violate
their policies. The mantrap thing is there for a reason. People are always
free to build out their own spaces however they wish. If you don't like
their policies, don't colo there. Build your own. I like their approach of
controlling access very tightly. Overkill is definitely better than
underkill. My experience is that a lot of security measures that appear
ridiculous or redundant actually act as a defense-in-depth strategy. Their
practice of requiring a guard to leave the control booth to allow someone in
instead of using a buzzer may seem stupid but serves an important but not
entirely well-publicized purpose.

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 (Nathan Stratton) writes:

> Uh, yes. Equinix is a rip off in general. I got kicked out of Chicago
> using the side door. I was sick of the stupid man trap crap and noticed
> they had a door that was propped open in the back that leads outside. It
> was much easier to back the truck up there and go in and out. The whole
> thing is a joke, they spent a lot of cash to look good, but there is very
> little substance.

nevertheless PAIX hasn't made it to chicago yet, and equinix is quite
a bit more neutral than a normal abovenet/exodus/att/qwest/ibm/uunet
hosting center would be, and that makes them the only game in that town.

i recommend that you work hard at helping them fix whatever it is they're
doing wrong. think of your work in that regard as a public service.

Paul Vixie

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