Re: Internet outage reporting databases (was Re: $400 million network upgrade for the Pentagon)

From: Scott Granados (no email)
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 22:15:40 EDT

Better than this:) Does anyone remember when a diligent tech at Sprint
sent an fcc notification about an outage in the fine state of NV when a
certain set of ds3's and oc3's went ofOfline from a circuit braker trip.
I wish I could find it to quote but it went somet ing like...

AA faulty braker caused several ds3's to go off line including service to
the military installation area51 and s4.

This was posted on the site for at least 2 or three days that I
can recall.:):)

n Wed, 14 Aug
2002, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Brad Knowles wrote:
> > One of the lessons we were taught in our security briefings was
> > that just because something was publicly discussed somewhere (e.g.,
> > on a television show or in the newspaper) does not automatically make
> > the information unclassified.
> It works the other way too. I've found things I write in public about
> Internet outages have a habit of ending up in places you need clearence.
> Someday it would be nice if I could read what I wrote.
> Scroll down this page:
> The NCS gets the information the same way as everyone else. They
> subscribe to NANOG.
> To bring this on topic:
> How would ISPs feel about officially contributing to NCS's efforts on
> tracking Internet outages? Would you be willing to subscribe the NCS
> to your customer outage notification lists?
> > I personally know of classified data that has been leaked and
> > published in print, and that's about all I'll say on that particular
> > subject.
> Last I heard, the Department of Energy library still considers the
> February 1979 issue of "The Progressive" magazine classified. You might
> find it in some public libraries.

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