Re: ICANN requirement for "information refreshing"?

From: Martin Hannigan (no email)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 13:32:39 EDT

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Michael H. Warfield wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 08:25:12AM -0700, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > Is funny that both ICANN and law enforcement are trying to clean
> > > up whois information to facilitate investigative capabilities.
> > actually, american law enforcement is seeking to make it a crime to
> > submit false whois data.
> You got a reference on that?

This seems most relevant and accurate:,aid,70764,00.asp

What I'm trying to point out here is that IMHO while accurate
whois data is desirable for technical troubleshooting, it's not
necessary for law enforcement.

Too bad ICANN didn't use the technical argument over the LEA
argument as it may have received a much warmer welcome, and may
have garnered more cooperation. But that shows you who's ass
ICANN is kissing. *SHRUG*

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