Re: IP renumbering timeframe

From: Ralph Doncaster (no email)
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 02:09:05 EDT

> > Well how am I supposed to arrange a payment on a Sunday afternoon?
> >
> > As well I'd say I've already paid them more than enough to use
> > their IPs - I never brought up a BGP session with them and never
> > passed a single packet to them. I'm surprised to hear that such
> > extortion techniques are considered acceptable.
> somehow, i suspect that we're hearing only one side of a, quite
> likely messy and unhappy, story. and i doubt it all happened on a
> sunny sunday afternoon.

That's why I can't believe Cogent actually did this. 14:46 eastern, May 2
my Cogent rep Scott Elrod emailed me indicating there would be no
resolution to the dispute, and to contact him should I wish to have Cogent
service in the future. Since then we received *NO* contact from
Cogent. I first heard that Cogent was expecting an immediate renumbering
from the /22 was when I got an email from Peer1 (as I was watching
Montreal beat Carolina).


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