Re: Fwd: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt?

From: Christopher A. Woodfield (no email)
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 13:05:00 EST

While I am, and have been, a MAPS supporter for a very long time, the
truth is that this assertion is not nearly as true today as it was when
the RBL was first implemented, particularly in the realm of bradband
access. While I normally would not object to any ISP using MAPS or other
spam and/or content filters, the "get another provider if you object"
argument doesn't work nearly as well if there's only one DSL or cable
provider that serves the customer.

If Covad were to go under tomorrow, Verizon DSL would be my sole choice
for high-speed access to my home - I have no line of sight to either of
the satellite access providers, and the cable plant hasn't been upgraded to
support cable access yet. And I can't afford to bring in a T1,
unfortunately :/ So if Verizon were to start filtering mail based on the
RBL list or any other list, or filter traffic based on legal/moral issues
(say, to block napster/gnutella clients), what other options are there,
other than going back to dialup?


On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 03:36:50PM -0800, John M . Brown wrote:
> The customer has a choice of providers and can choose a provider that
> doesn't use MAPS.

Christopher A. Woodfield

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