Re: the group

From: Paul Vixie (no email)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 17:25:25 EST

> You and others here probably already know this trick, but you might be able
> to get automatic echoes if you use the list address as the moderator of the
> newsgroup, such that replies are forwarded to the moderator address rather
> than being posted. Might also need to massage the outbound message so that it
> strips off unwanted NNTP headers.

A bidirectional mail/news gateway is lots harder than what I use for NANOG.
In addition to the above concerns, there's a need for the "mail side" to keep
its own message-id history for round-the-horn duplicate suppression. This is
how the <=> comp.protocols.dns.std gateway works,
for example. (The news -> mail direction is moderated, first by ISC and then
by Randy as are all postings to namedroppers.)

However, for my private NANOG newsgroup I prefer that followups just silently
die. Any local user of my nnrp server who can't figure out that they need to
use e-mail to post to NANOG, probably ought not be posting to NANOG :-).

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