Re: Fwd: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt

From: Paul Vixie (no email)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 15:16:24 EST

> > Intentions matter not at all. Only results of said traffic, the
> > consequences of which are borne entirely by the receiver. If the
> > receiver doesn't want it, the receiver should not have to receive it.
> This is not how things are done elsewhere, so I don't see why it would
> have to be on the net.

on the net, recipients pay for part of the transport of traffic to them.

elsewhere, senders pay for all of the transport of traffic to them.

that's why it has to be different on the net than elsewhere.

> Also, how do you intend to inform everyone about
> everyone else's wishes in this regard?

that would be impractical, unscalable, and unnecessary.

> > Unless you're willing to come out
> > and state that being connected to the Internet is a de facto agreement to
> > receive anything and everything somebody wishes to send you
> It is, "de facto". If you know that doing something has a certain result,
> and you do it, you can't really be surprised that the result ensues.

so if i have an IP address than i ought not be surprised when it's pingflooded?

and if i have an e-mail inbox i ought not be surprised when it's spammed?

elsewhere, this ideology is called "blame the victim", and is not respected.

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