Re: Unix Timestamp

From: Greg A. Woods (no email)
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 20:45:25 EDT

[ On Monday, October 22, 2001 at 18:18:41 (-0500), Chris Adams wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Unix Timestamp
> On Red Hat Linux 7.1:
> $ date -r 1003723200
> date: 1003723200: No such file or directory

The first two were kinda sad examples of the state of commercial Unix
(unfortunately even SuSv2 lacks this now ancient feature!), but this
last one (i.e. GNU date) surprises the heck out of me -- especially
since there's not even an equivalent option with a different name....

> But perl works on all three. :-)

So does the gawk variant, and so would a silly one-line C program. No
doubt python and ruby variants would be equally portable. I really hate
perl. It is the worst of all the bad interpreted languages. Well maybe
not as bad as VB....

But enough of this nonsense -- the best answer is the one from Michael
Barrow to just use FROM_UNIXTIME() in the MySQL code directly.

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