RE: multi-homing fixed

From: Mitch Halmu (no email)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 07:30:52 EDT

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Randy Bush wrote:

> > The real problem with most basement multi-homers is they go with the
> > cheapest local service they can get, often from someone clueless with one
> > POP / one path. To fix this, they add another cheap, local, clueless
> > service and pray they don't get clueless at the same time. Then they
> > inflict bad judgement on the rest of the Internet by demanding their routes
> > be distributed. Bad plan.
> what is interestingly bad about this plan is that it attempts to save the
> basement-dweller money at the expense of everyone else. and that's the
> point of the filtering story.

Judging strictly from the present economic climate, a lot of dotcoms that
went all out in style aren't around anymore, or are on the brink of
bankruptcy, while many of those despised basement dwellers managed to
prosper, or at least remain solvent in these hard times. So nothing like
a bit of convenient protectionist filtering to keep the competition down...


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