Re: [doable?] peer filtering (was Re: Trusting BGP sessions)

From: john heasley (no email)
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 16:33:26 EST

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 01:02:38PM -0800, Sean Donelan darkened my spool with the following:
> On Wed, 15 November 2000, john heasley wrote:
> > i think all agree that filtering large/teir 1 peers (let's assume teir 1 is
> > defined as a peer who sends a large number of routes, ie: ignore the
> > business BS) the way customers are/should be filtered (by exact match prefix)
> > is impossible with the hardware (and/or implementations) available today.
> Five years ago there wasn't a single IP router capable of doing OC48 either.
> How do we fix this?
> 1) Convince large/tier 1 peers to include full route table filter requirements
> in their purchasing when deciding whether to buy Cisco or Juniper?
> 2) Pass the Internet Stability Act of 2000 mandating full peer filters by
> 2002, and providing for civil fines by any affected party against any tier
> one not in compliance? Any router vendor not in compliance will be removed
> from the GSA purchasing schedule.
> This is a very old problem folks. We've known about several solutions for years.

great, that must be why these problems dont occur. which solution are
you using? i'm not flinging s*!@ over the fence; i'm truely interested.

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