RE: Gigabit Traffic Monitoring

From: Steve Dispensa (no email)
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 10:28:03 EDT

I've had good luck with Netscout ( for other products, and
I know they have Gig-E taps (two on order now) and I think they have OC-12
taps too.

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Subject: Gigabit Traffic Monitoring

    Does anybody know a product to do Gigabit Ethernet traffic monitoring,
    CoralReef does for OC3/OC12 ?

    Rubens Kuhl Jr.


am not aware of anyone currently shipping such a monitor,
(i'd pay good money to be wrong tho)
although several companies are planning to add gig-e to
their existing monitoring products.
caida does have funding from darpa to develop a
gigabit ethernet monitor, & we will make that system
work w coralreef, but unfortunately i can't nail down
a ship date at this time

hopefully someone will point out a product
i missed and i'll add it to the taxonomy

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