Re: Captive mailbox in Cyrus IMAP?

From: Nik Conwell (no email)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 09:56:04 EST

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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. They were very good so I ignored
    them. :)

    I've patched imapd.c (cmd_login and cmd_authenticate) so that the
    presence and contents of {config_dir}/captive/{username} indicate the
    actual user that should be logged in (providing it begins with
    disabled). So for example if /var/lib/imap/captive/smith contains
    "disabled-archiving", then when smith logs in, it will really be
    taken as disabled-archiving is logging in. disabled-archiving has
    previously been primed with a message and has an ACL of lr to prevent

    I've tried swapping things back and forth with Apple Mail and
    Mulberry and things seem to work OK. I don't know how this will work
    with a murder.

    If anybody wants the patch (pretty small) I can send it somewhere


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  • Next message: Janne Peltonen: "Sharing Murder?"

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