Re: Integrted tool for adminstering Cyrus IMAP and LDAP.

From: Alexander Dalloz (ad+)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2006 - 08:29:54 EDT

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    AndrXs Tarallo schrieb:

    >I have to deploy an Email Server based on Cyrus IMAP, Postfix and
    >LDAP. This is no problem, I have done it before.However our customer
    >requests for a web based tool for administering user accounts and
    >We found tools capable of administering accounts in the LDAP Server
    >(ie LDAPmyADMIN) or cyrus accounts, but not an integrated tool.We want
    >a tool where you can create a Cyrus account with LDAP autentication
    >filling one web based form, Same with modifications and deletions.
    ISPman - - does all this. It is an integrated
    solution and does not just do the LDAP administration through a web

    >Does someone has something to recomend? Thanks in advance.
    >A/P Andres Tarallo

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