Re: Postfix Routing & Cyrus Virtdomains

From: former03 | Baltasar Cevc (no email)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2006 - 14:45:45 EDT

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    Hi Pedro,

    > The docs state that virtual mailbox, need some extra suff set up,
    > namely virtual_mailbox_base.

    > How would this help with several backends?
    > I can't define several cyrus backends, can I?

    > And how exaclty does virtual_mailbox help in this scenario, since mail
    > must be routed to the appropriate backend, which might be in another
    > server, and for what I see in the docs, the virtual_mailbox requires
    > the physical paths to the mailboxes, correct?
    Depends on the config. You can make postfix deliver it to mbox files (I
    think that's the default), however, you can make it do anything else
    that can be a transport - just override it by virtual_transport

    I would define a transport table (e.g. use a SQL lookup and have a
    transport field for every address), pointing to lmtp:<backend>, that
    should do the job; I'm not sure about what happens to address
    extensions, though.

    > And will an address like @backend be routed
    > correctly with virtual_mailboxes?

     From your other mail:
    On 13.06.2006, at 20:22, Pedro Algarvio wrote:
    > We would like to keep using postfix'es
    > virtual_alias_domains/virtual_alias_maps which is the way the system
    > is setup right now, which correctly routes the mail *if* virtdomains
    > is set to off and the user's mailboxes are in the form of
    > username_domain_tld, and the routing address is
    > username_domain_tld at backend dot
    I'm not quite sure about the details you have, but you can mix
    virtual_alias_maps and virtual_mailbox_maps at will. If you mix that
    with a transport table, the latter will have precedence over the
    virtual_mapbox_map conserning the transport (you could have
    virtual_mailbox_transport=lmtp:<some lmtp proxy> and then override it
    for some mailboxes). What I'm not sure about is whether alias rewriting
    will take place in case you have an transport specified, you'd have to
    have a look at the postfix docs for that.

    Hope that helps,

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