Re: Setting QUOTA through PHP ...

From: Scott Russell (no email)
Date: Mon Feb 13 2006 - 17:12:51 EST

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    Marc G. Fournier wrote:
    > So, it would be passing:
    > SETQUOTA "user.cotton" (STORAGE none)
    > to the backend ... again, if none == an integer #, the quota gets set,
    > so it looks like the syntax itself is right, but 'none' is wrong ...
    > Is anyone doing this with PHP that has gotten around the above issue?
    > Is there something obviously wrong with the way the SETQUOTA is being
    > generated?

    I'm looking at the same issue but in doing so ran into another quota
    problem, see my previous post about quotas in 2.3.1.

    For what you're running into see After I figure out why cyradm
    from 2.3.1 cannot remove quotas I plan to try and patch cmdSetQuota in
    IMAPProtocol.php. Of course, if you patch it first please pass it along
    or append it to the bug! :)

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  • Next message: Scott Russell: "Removing quotas in 2.3.1 broken?"

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