Re: traffic accounting for imap and pop

From: Cristian Livadaru (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 16:05:27 EST

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    On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 05:57:13PM +0100, Cristian Livadaru wrote:
    > I have been reading the mailing list archive over the anonymous impa,
    > not sure how actual it still is, anyway I found some patches from 2003
    > regarding trafficaccounting.
    > Is this in anyway included in a actual release? or do the patches still
    > work?
    > I love cyrus and I'm using it since some years but when it comes to some
    > documentation it realy is hard to find something, I think the new wiki
    > is a first great step in the right direction and I hope that everybody
    > that has something to contribute to the wiki that they will do it.
    > but now back my subject, how can I do some accounting, preferably for
    > every virtual domain or user ( then I could extract the domain )
    > Regards, Cristian Livadaru

    I'm just curios how other people handle this? Don't you use or need any
    traffic accounting for imap? there must be someone that could give me a
    hint to a howto, a book, or anything that will help me with this issue.
    please !

    Cristian Livadaru
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