Re: Cyrus + (insert Best MTA here) Suggestions

From: Dick Davies (no email)
Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 06:53:36 EST

* Alexander Dalloz <ad+> [1134 18:34]:
> Am Do, den 18.11.2004 schrieb um 14:23:

> > Postfix can do lmtp native. No need to plug procmail in beetween to invoke
> > cyrus-deliver to start some lmtp transfer to the Cyrus mailstore.
> > Andreas
> So does Sendmail. If you use the cyrusv2.m4 macro there is no need to
> use an LDA like procmail to have a local storage service. Sendmail
> itself does not care for storing the mail messages.

I'd expect most MTAs can - exim has a nice builtin lmtp transport,
for example.

Procmail and sendmail suffer the same disadvantage of being absolute
pigs to configure, best to avoid them for that reason alone IMO.

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