can't create directories

From: Florin Andrei (no email)
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 20:38:06 EST

I try to create some mail folders in Cyrus, but i can't get the job

I created a new account and, so far, there are only two folders visible
from my IMAP client (Evolution):


>From Evolution, i try to create a folder like this:


But i get an error and the folder does not get created. However, i can
create it just fine as an Inbox subfolder:

 | \_test

Then i went to cyradm and run this command:

cm user.account.test

However, that creates the "test" folder as a subfolder of Inbox (see
last diagram), not as a first-level folder.

How can i create more first-level folders than just Inbox and Trash?

Florin Andrei
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