Re: ptloader/ldap

From: Igor Brezac (no email)
Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 10:26:06 EST

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Simon Matter wrote:

> >
> > For those of you interested, a new ptloader/ldap code is available in cvs
> > now. The code should compile out of box assuming you use openldap api
> > 2.1.x or higher. See imapd.conf man pages for the list of available
> > commands, there are quite a few of them ;(. All the params start with
> > 'ldap_'. Group identifiers follow the unix authorization mechanism syntax
> > (group:).
> >
> > To compile, run 'configure --with-auth=pts --with-pts=ldap ....'.
> I'm very interested in the LDAP group stuff.
> I'm using --with-auth=unix, authenticating users via saslauthd ->
> pam/ldap/whatever. Is there a chance that I can use the ldap group
> functionality without changing too much. What's different with

Well, you will need to recompile cyrus (it'd be nice if authorization
mech. is a runtime option), then you will need to add pt/ldap related
config options in imapd.conf. Make sure all your users and groups
are available in the ldap database.

> --with-auth=pts? I feel like I miss the big picture here.

Check $cyrus-imapd-src/doc/overview.html#aclauth.

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