Cyrus Install Blues on SuSe Linux

From: Neil Williams (no email)
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 13:22:03 EST


I'm trying to set up a Cyrus mail server on SuSe Linux (7.2) and am about to go crazy :-(

I've tried unsuccessfully downloading and the tar.gz files from the Cyrus website. However, I have successfully installed from SuSe RPM packages:

cyrus-imapd 2.0.16-361
cyrus-sasl 1.5.24-59
perl-Cyrus-IMAP 2.0.16-361
perl-Cyrus-SIEVE-acap 2.0.16-361
perl-Cyrus-SIEVE-managesieve 2.0.16-361

I am able to run the tests in the docs using telnet and imtest. I have added folders with cyradm and users with saslpasswd. However, I can't authenticate with PLAIN (using imtest) and can't connect to the IMAP server from Netscape or Outlook Express.

My imapd.log is attached for reference.

I've scoured the manuals and know that the problem is probably with sasl. I've tried many different configurations, reinstalls and compilations but to no avail :-(

Any help from the wise and battle scarred would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Neil Williams

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