postfix and cyrus + excuse for yesterday's post

From: Markus Welsch (no email)
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 02:26:39 EST


First of all I'd like to excuse my post for yesterday ... adressed that to the
wrong mailing list as I wrote the message in a hurry. Anyways Courier lacks for
quota support (without patching it) and I didn't find any valueable information
about it on the web. Anyways, Cyrus seems to be more advanced than Courier
anyways and supports quota's ...

I'd be happy to use Postfix and Cyrus as solution. But I'm needing some kind of
assistance here. Cyrus should get all user information (that is username,
password, quota) from a MySQL database. Currently I'm using Postfix 1.11. I
could switch to a later version of Postfix - preferable available as Debian
package (like I'd prefer installing Cyrus as Debian package also to ease
maintenance for others).

Maybe somebody can point me to a howto, cause I've been searching the web for
hours and didn't come accross any useful information. Maybe a howto from scratch
or several howto's would be a good idea.

Kind Regards,


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