Two huge problems with CMU (tag stable_2.2) sieve 2.0 of the current cvs source !

From: Franz Skale (no email)
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 09:54:01 EST

Things are running good with the cvs code of cyrus (branche 2.2) but
there are 2 probs i have with sieve.
Btw. i am using sendmail 8.12.8 with the lmtp unix socket delivering
option. (

My first problem is of the vacation extension of sieve.
I am able to upload the script and activate it.

First problem: The vacation reply is working, but the sender is
manipulated to <> using the -f sendmail option.
So the recipient sees only the from: in that manner: <>@domain (in
evolution it shows ascii(255) as sender, worked in the cvs
source from last week)
cyrus is a trusted user, but it is changing the from header ?
The cvs source from last week worked perfectly with the vacation

Second problem:
Also regarding sieve vacation.
If a users has an activated vacation script and the server has to be
restarted, due to maintenance purposes, the script doesn't work although
it is activated.
Printout: vacation.sieve <- active script
The only thing to get it working again is to delete the script upload it
again and activate it.

Are that described problems bugs or am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance


Franz Skale
Systems Engineer 
Cubit IT Solutions GmbH.
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