Openssl certs for Cyrus

From: Jasper Jans (no email)
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 19:24:52 EST


I have the following setup:

box a: running sendmail + sasl
box b: running imapd + sasl + ldap

users on box a are allowed to relay from anywhere in the world
after they auth - the auth uses sasl that in turn speaks to ldap
to verify the users

mail goes from box a via lmtp to box b where users can use imap
or pop to get it off again - all of this uses ldap as well for

now my problem is that yesterday the certificates expired and
i now have to generate new ones.. however no matter how i try
to do this - i cannot get cyrus imapd to use sasl to talk to
ldap to verify the users. info i found on the web seems to
indicate it has something to do with encryption of the cert.

is someone willing to outline the commands that are needed to
create working certificates for sendmail/openldap/cyrus-sasl/etc
that are all signed by a CA that is also self generated.. i'm
not sure what it is that i do wrong - maybe it is the generating
of the CA or maybe the server cert or the signing - i'm rather
lost here :/

thanks a lot,

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