Re: Preserving flags, and their global nature

From: Ian McDonald (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 05:18:44 EST

Unfortunately for me, I think that my client (the Mail::IMAPClient perl
module) only supports LOGIN.

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From: "Rob Siemborski" <>
To: "Ian McDonald" <>
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 7:45 PM
Subject: Re: Preserving flags, and their global nature

> On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, Ian McDonald wrote:
> > So central is this requirement to my helpdesk application, that I'm
> > considering storing all the passwords in plain text in order to do just
> > :( :( :(.
> Administrative users can authorize as any user they want without needing
> the user's password (sort of like root can su to whatever userid it
> wants).
> You just need a SASL mechanism that supports authorization (basically, all
> of them except LOGIN and CRAM-MD5).
> -Rob

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