Re: lmtpd gets stuck when started under load

From: Sebastian Hagedorn (no email)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 12:04:18 EST

--On Thursday, November 14, 2002 10:44:27 -0500 Rob Siemborski
<> wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
>> Anyway, we are also running sendmail 8.12.6 with the cyrusv2 mailer. All
>> seems to be fine if we launch cyrus-imapd first and sendmail second.
>> However, if we stop cyrus-imapd for whatever reason without stopping
>> sendmail first, we end up in a situation where the lmtpd gets stuck upon
>> a restart of cyrus-imapd. To be precise, it doesn't accept connections
>> from sendmail and if we strace it all we see is:
>> accept(4,
>> That's it. The workaround then is to stop both sendmail and cyrus-imapd
>> and to wait for several minutes. After that, if we start the processes
>> in the right order, everything is fine again.
>> Is this behavior to be expected or is it a bug?
> I'd call it a bug offhand, but there are possibly other things going on.
> Do all the previous lmtpds die off before you restart cyrus?

Yes, they do.

> Can you
> make a connection to the new lmtpd socket manualy (if it's a unix socket,
> you may want to try sock, from

I used socat instead:

socat STDIN UNIX-CONNECT:/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp
220 LMTP Cyrus v2.1.9-Invoca-RPM-2.1.9-10 ready

I found that (at least this time) I *could* connect to the socket. Then it
dawned on me: sendmail didn't even try to deliver to localhost because we
are using persistent hoststatus information!

A "rm -f /var/spool/mqueue/.hoststat/localhost" got rid of that problem.

So at least *this* case was an instance of d'oh!

--On Thursday, November 14, 2002 12:38:54 -0400 Patrick Boutilier
<> wrote:

> Try duplicate.db = skiplist
> Solved all of my lmtpd hanging problems.

I'll keep that in mind in case of further problems.

Thanks for the help, Sebastian Hagedorn

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