Re: what is better ?

From: Voutsinas Nikos (no email)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 11:09:40 EST

Simon Matter wrote:
> Andrei Loukinykh schrieb:
>> Since Websieve wasn't updated since 2001, cat it still work with
>>the last Cyrus ( 2.1.9 ), or it is better to get something newer
>>(smartsieve...) ? Has anyone had an experience?
> Squirrelmail with the avelsieve plugin is really cool. This is what I'm
> using because I have squirrelmail installed. If there is no Squirrel,
> Smartsieve looks good too.
> Simon

I am not sure about Alexandros availability :), but he could probably
build an independed avelsieve web-application. Although the deployment
of avelsieve as separate web-application is easier, integration with
other webmail applications will certainly be more "attractive" and
functional. Any preference ?

Nikos Voutsinas

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