Re: Cyrus IMAP Presentation

From: Michael Fair (no email)
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 01:47:13 EDT

Hey Amos,

Thanks for clearing that up.

If you have any specific questions about getting
your server configured let me know as I'd like to
help. Your posts have been invaluable to me in
the past so I'd like to return like kind so to speak.

Assuming your interested, all the threads on this
topic can be summed up in a few short phrases.

In Cyrus 2.0 and 2.1 series:

1) Virtdomain support is gotten by using the
unix heirarchy separator character which makes
 a valid mailbox name.
In the 2.0 series this is only available
from a patch.

2) LMTP needs to be patched to not try and
break mailbox names on the '@' there are a
couple different patches available for this.

3) To create SASL auth credentials saslpasswd
is invoked using:
saslpasswd2 -u domain.dom -c userid

4) All end users login using:

In Cyrus 2.2 (only available from CVS atm):

1) The mailbox hierarchy has been changed to
understand a domain sub-hierarchy which can
include "." without problem and LMTP et al.
know how to properly handle
mailbox delivery.

2) Both single IP and multi IP virtualization
is possible.

In single IP mode all end users
login using: or userid%domain.dom
There is a "default domain" for backwards
compatibility where for that domain only
the users can login using:
userid or userid[@|%]domain.dom

In a multi IP environment the domain is taken
by chopping off the first segment of the reverse
lookup of the IP (e.g. imap.domain.dom) and
using whatever is left over (e.g. domain.dom)
and users login using: userid

3) Administrators can be global or restricted
to a single domain. See the docs for more details.

4) Works with a MURDER if that's required. Some
restrictions apply. Again see the docs.

5) SASL account creation is invoked as:
saslpasswd2 -u domain.dom -c userid

6) There are some directory structure additions
that in some cases need to be manually massaged
to get things initialized. See docs for details.

7) Interdomain and Global Shared Folders are
still in the implementation question phase.

Everything else on this topic is pretty much just
a repeat or further exploration of one of the
above topics or it's misinformation (all posts
from Ken M are of course excluded that clause).

All other aspects of the Cyrus system remain
pretty much identical to what they are now.

Hope that helped.

-- Michael --

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> >>>>> On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 21:56:07 -0500,
> >>>>> Schmehl, Paul L <> (spl) writes:
> spl> This simply isn't true. At UTD we are using altnamespace *and*
> spl> we allow our users to have a PEA (Personalized Email Address)
> spl> which can include firstname dot lastname at dot
> This is done by the MTA (Postfix in our case, but easily done with
> Sendmail and others) before delivery to Cyrus. At least from what
> I've seen/heard of in the past, this tends to be the typical
> approach instead of having folks login with a "first.last" login.
> However, the "" inbox trick has been used in the past
> to try to emulate multi-domain support. Maybe with the stuff that
> is now being worked on this will no longer be necessary. (Sorry, I
> haven't followed some of those threads too closely since it isn't
> something I'm really needing at present.)
> --
> Amos

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