Re: Quota problems

From: Daniel Nilsson (no email)
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 13:47:11 EDT

Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Cyrus 2.0.16 for about 50 users, with mail quotas set up.
> They're all using Netscape mail as the mail client, and all is (mostly)
> OK. However, I have some users who persistently go over quota, and Cyrus
> sends over quota alerts. The net effect of this is that they get over
> quota alerts that effectively prevent them from actually deleting
> messages, especially as the mail client tries to move them to the Trash
> folder, so every delete attempt fails.


I don't know a way around this problem. The way I worked around it is to
start sending warning messages (once a day) when the user is at 90% of
the quota that clearly tells the user that once you hit 100%, your
e-mail will start bouncing. That seem to have a resonable effect on most
of the users, and they will clean up their mailbox at that point.

I have the quota set to 500MB/user though, so the overhead of putting
more messages in the users INBOX when it's already at 90% is very small.

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