Re: [POLL] Virtual domains design

From: Jeff Bert (no email)
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 21:33:04 EDT

> > > As mentioned in a separate thread, I plan to work on a single server,
> > > single partition, single config virtual domain implementation to
> > > complement the excellent work that Phil Dibowitz on the multiple ip,
> > > multiple config setup. This implementation will NOT be dependent on
> > > unixhierarchy separator, as are some current hacks. This
> > > will use user at domain logins to determine the domain. Alternately, I
> > > hope to have the ability to determine using the ip address of the
> > > interface that the client connects on.
> > >
> >
> > I'm very interested in the process here. What auth mechanism will you
> > ldap, pam_mysql?
> >
> > I personally like the msyql auth as you can then easily build php/msyql
> > applications around it as there is a php/cryadm library available.
> I'm not designing this around any particular backend. Anything that is
> supported by SASLv2 and supports realms should work. This means PAM is
> unless somebody can show me otherwise.

Maybe Phil/Simon can verify this but Simon's LDAP/MySQL patch solves the
pam_mysql issue of not being able to distinguish domains. Right?


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