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From: Scott M Likens (no email)
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 13:42:56 EDT

Actually I found the hash incorrect for both sieve and cyrus in the
user/quota directory's.

What i did is patch'd the mkimap and dohash scripts.

Attached you'll find what i did, i implemented a FULL hash and found that
the directory's created by the scripts were in-adequite for my needs, and
cyrus couldnt handle it.

It was basically looking for directory's in uppercase, when they were
lowercase, so what i did is modified the scripts to create both upper and
lowercase on both sieve and quota and user directory's.

Which is the problem usually when messages suddenly become new. If you
have *.debug /var/log/debug.log enabled in syslogd which i suggest

You would have found something like this

May 2 04:16:00 shell imapd[12087]: [ID 136705 local6.error] IOERROR:
opening /var/imap/user/S/darius.seen: No such file or directory
May 2 04:16:00 shell imapd[12087]: [ID 729713 local6.error] DBERROR:
opening /var/imap/user/S/darius.seen: cyrusdb error
May 2 04:16:00 shell imapd[12087]: [ID 844790 local6.error] Could not open
seen state for darius (System I/O error)

If you notice the path is /var/imap/user/S not /var/imap/user/s you will
take note that by default S is not created, we need to create it. Once we
create it, darius.seen can be written and suddenly your messages will be
sent to you proplery

Maybe it's something that Rob needs to take a look at why it's requesting
these directory's.

But anyhow here's my little patch's i hope this helps.

--On Tuesday, May 21, 2002 2:10 PM +0200 Luca Olivetti <>

> Russell Packer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I get strange behaviour using Microsoft Outlook - the status for various
>> e-mail messages seems to change rather randomly. I will mark messages as
>> being read, then 5/10 minutes later they will suddenly be marked as
>> 'unread' (IMAP). Others in the company have remarked upon it as well.
>> Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? What can I look at to tell
>> what cyrus is doing?
> I have experienced the same problem with mozilla, see
> =13859 Alec H. Peterson suggested a solution here
> =13890 so I made a patch with a new runtime option to implement what he
> said. At first it seemed to work but then the problem resurfaced after a
> week of use. Now I switched to using skiplist instead of flat for the
> seen database and so far it works, but who knows, maybe in a couple of
> days it'll break again.
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