addheader action ... or something like it?

From: Marc G. Fournier (no email)
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 13:03:52 EDT

I'm playing with the spam extension, and for POP3 users, I want to add, at
its simplist, a 'X-Spam-Check: True' header to the email if its spam ...
I've done some quick reads of the various drafts, and there appears to be
no way of doing this within Sieve ... has anyone worked on something like

I've thought to modify the code, to extend the spam extension, so that it
adds a simple:

X-Spam-Score: <True/False> <score> / <threshold>

so that if spam is enabled, then it auto-adds this header, but I can't
find where in the code to actually add this ... The X-Sieve header is
added in lmtpd.c, but before the scoring happens, so that doesn't help ...
fillin_header() in sieve/script.c looks good, and is after the spam checks
are run/scored, but am not 100% certain of how I should call add_header()
for the above ...

Can anyone provide some insight on this?


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