compiling on openbsd (_sasl_checkapop problems)

From: Clay Caviness (no email)
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 10:33:14 EDT

(Oops, stray mouse-click sent that prematurely)


I'm running OpenBSD 3.1(-current) and trying to compile Cyrus SASLv2 and
IMAP, both from today's CVS checkout.

SASL compiles and installs cleanly, using "./configure --disable-krb4

IMAP is failing on "./configure --with-auth=unix" when checking for

checking for sasl_checkapop in -lsasl2... no
configure: error: libsasl2 without working sasl_checkapop. Cannot continue.

Again, this is from today's CVS checkout, so i'm not sure what the problem
might be. Has anyone got SASLv2 and IMAP running on OpenBSD? Am I missing
something obvious here?

Thanks for any pointers to the right place if this is an RTFM...

Clay Caviness
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