Re: Master prefork problems; CLOSE_WAIT problems

From: Helmut Apfelholz (no email)
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 07:12:01 EDT


--- Jeremy Howard <> wrote:
> Jeremy Howard wrote:
> > I've seen a couple of problems over the last few
> weeks with master
> > apparently failing to correctly maintain the
> prefork pool. We
> > particularly see this problem with pop3d, which
> has more
> > connects/disconnects than IMAP because of the
> nature of the protocol.
> <...>
> > The third issue is that when a process fails to
> shutdown correctly,
> > such as if it segfaults, master does not seem to
> correctly keep track
> > of the child process count. As a result,
> eventually the pool runs out
> > and no more connections are accepted.
> I've found a way to fix this. In master.c
> reap_child, add:
> c->s->ready_workers--;
> and
> t->s->ready_workers--;
> ...immediately after the corresponding nactive--.
> This resolves the
> problem for me in the limited testing I've done to
> date.
I've applied the patch to our server and I must say it
doesn't work. The master process creates more and more
processes with this patch.

This is not the right solution to the problem.

BTW, does anyone work on the 'seen files locking'


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