Re: sieve websieve weirdness

From: Ken Murchison (no email)
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 20:49:47 EST

> Good Afternoon!
> I'm having weird issues with my websieve
> stuff on my new server.
> I'm using websieve and testing the functions.
> Checking it with straight up sieveshell.
> Server solaris 8, cyrus 2.1.1.
> Everything looks good for straight mail and
> receipt except this piece.
> (I finally got SSL working for the webserver
> interface bits)
> I have this odd error in my imapd.log:
> Mar 29 16:03:44 thoth imapd[3819]: [ID
> 418793 local6.debug] SQUAT failed

You're seeing this because there is no cyrus.squat index (not required)
on some mailbox which is being SEARCHed, and you're logging at the
debug level. This _shouldn't_ have anything to do with a sieve redirect
or vacation response (if it does, I'd be *shocked*).

> The behavior is if I set a forward or
> vacation up in websieve, send a message, it
> never arrives to the forward address. I
> tried an external that I could send mail to
> directly, another local account, nothing.
> No errors in my sendmail logs or imap except
> the SQUAT one.

First, try a simpler script that does just a fileinto and make sure that
it works. Its possible that your script isn't even being executed.

In fact, if you created your initial script via websieve, it probably
named it incorrectly (a known bug -- at least to me anyway), and lmtpd
won't even know that you have a script. Look in the directory where the
script should reside, and it should look somthing like this:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 cyrus mail 10 Nov 10 12:04 default ->
-rw------- 1 cyrus mail 7703 Mar 5 15:06 ken.script

If not, fix it. lmtpd ALWAYS looks for 'default' as the active script.
No 'default' -> no active script -> no script gets executed.

Once this is working, try a redirect (its *much* simpler than
vacation). If it doesn't work, check your sendmail logs around the time
that a message should be processed by your script. You should see the
incoming message followed by the outgoing message (redirect). Look for
any errors w.r.t the redirect.

Report back on your findings and then we'll tackle vacation.


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