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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 11:14:36 EST


--On Wednesday, February 27, 2002 9:05 AM -0700 "Alec H. Peterson"
<> wrote:

|> The important thing to note is a recent change in our connection handling
|> that keeps a connection active for a short while after the user closes a
|> mailbox window, so that if they open another mailbox soon after, the
|> connection can be reused, avoiding the overhead of connection setup and
|> authentication. In this case we use the UNSELECT command on the previous
|> mailbox to effectively 'close' it. That command ought to invalidate the
|> cache, as should the CLOSE command, which may be used in other
|> situations.
| But when I open the mailbox the counts are always right.
| Unless I'm mistaken, there is an entirely separate connection that always
| does the STATUS commands periodically, yes? Since it's never selecting a
| mailbox then the cache will never be cleared, right?

Yes, one connection is used to do periodic STATUS polls of all mailboxes
you have marked for new mail checking. Then a new connection is used when
you actually open a mailbox. When a mailbox is open, the checking is done
via that connection using NOOPs. Based on the brief description that Larry
had provided I'm guessing the caching happens on for the connection where
the mailbox is SELECT'ed - i.e. the one where the mailbox is opened by the
user - and not the STATUS connection. The code is the definitive source for

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