Re: [Fwd: Vacation.. yes again..]

From: Ken Murchison (no email)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 12:25:10 EST

Tyrone Vaughn wrote:
> Okay... on the system that I did a FULL replacement of cyrus/sieve, after
> I added MULTIPLE possible addresses, it now works with just the primary..
> go figure. (What I mean, is that the address SHOULD be $, but
> I also added $, $, etc, etc and now
> it works with just $).
> On the machine that is "production" and also does a redirect correctly, I
> do the following and it does NOT send a vacation.
> Is there a DB file somewhere that is possible corrupt and needs rebuilt
> that a re-install replaced? If it is corrupt, can it be rebuilt in-place
> instead of rebuilding over 5000 mailboxes to accomplish the same thing?
> Again.. thanks for all the help.. it is working on a 'developement'
> environment but still fails to work in production...

- Check the headers in the message that you send to see if at least one
fo the addresses is listed in :addresses.

- Check the logs for errors.

- Remember, you will only get ONE vacation response per sender per
vacation text. You either have to use a different sender address or
change the vacation text if you want to test multiple times.

- What is different between the production and development machines?
Sendmail config, location of sendmail binary...?


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