Re: Master Segmentation Fault

From: Mika Iisakkila (no email)
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 04:19:17 EDT

Lee Hoffman wrote:
> Ive followed the directions to a T, while compiling cyrus sasl (w/ldap
> support) and cyrus (2.0.16) (with ssl support) on a debian 2.2r3 distro
> box. The compilation and installation report no errors. I follow the
> installation directions, and ensure that all the directories exist and
> have the correct permissions. When I run master though, I get a
> "Segmentation Fault" and imapd isn't started. The error log reads:

Welcome to the club. I spent a good deal of a day chasing this,
and the culprit is that Debian stable (2.2r3, currently) comes
with an old version of DB. I went to great lengths to ensure that
cyrus compiled and dynalinked with my own DB 3.1 libraries, and
the damn thing still crashed.

The problem is that for some unfathomable reasons, nsswitch in
Debian uses DB first by default, even though nothing is stored in DB
files in normal installations. Library version clash during imap/pop3
service lookup -> crash. Your /etc/nsswitch.conf has a line

services: db files

Remove the db. If it still doesn't help, the system db libraries are
probably still getting in the way, and you could try setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the correct place prior to running master.


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