Re: False spelled German special patterns in subject

From: Scot W. Hetzel (no email)
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 11:27:14 EDT

From: "Jochen Metzger" <>
> Now I've got a small problem, not severe, but I like to solve it.
> Special patterns like (German special pattern a), (German special
> pattern o) are expressed like this: x ?. This only appears in the
> Subject. In the body it's o.k.
> Is this a problem of Sieve (when using the rules), of Postfix? or of
> imapd?
> Has anybody had this problem and /or knows how to solve it?
The problem is that your mail client is inserting 8bit characters into the
message subject. Cyrus IMAPd will either reject these messages (reject8bit
= 1) or mask the 8bit character (reject8bit = 0). By default Cyrus IMAPd
masks these characters.

The reason for this masking of 8bit characters is RFC 2047 doesn't allow
8bit characters in the message headers, and specifies an alternate method of
specifiying these characters. Cyrus IMAPd tries to be RFC compliant.

The only way to make Cyrus IMAPd not munge the 8bit characters is to apply a
patch to imap/message.c, which modifies the behavior of reject8bit.

I have attached a patch that will allow 8bit characters in the header. The
patch adds a config option mask8bit, that by default is set to munge the
8bit characters (mask8bit = 1). If mask8bit is set to 0, it will allow the
8bit characters to pass unmunged.

This patch also has the code used to skip over the UNIX From line in a
message, thus allowing for messages that contain this header to be imported
into cyrus.


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